Live Fish Bucket


Keep Your Fish Alive Longer & Fresh After Catching Them in Extreme Conditions!

Love fishing? Then our Live Fish Bucket is just for you. Fill it up with water and get yourself a handy basin where you can put in fish, shrimp, live bait or other things with an oxygen pump to keep them alive. A must-have for anglers and fishermen.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: A collapsible bucket for fishing, car washing, gardening, picnic or camping. Use it as an ice bucket for cold beers on a sunny day, storing your freshly caught fish, for window cleaning or as a camping sink for doing dishes on the go. Or why not draw a cool and soothing foot bath after a long day of hiking?

  • SPACIOUS & PRACTICAL: Don't worry about having an issue carrying it for a long distance, the handle gives you an easy way to transport it. Maintains safe water temperature. Side pocket for oxygen pump for your fishes breathe and top cover mesh pocket design make helps to circulate air.

  • COMPACT BUCKET WITH POURING HANDLE: Our multi-functional flexible bucket has a handle on the side for easier pouring. Flat and compact when not in use. Foldable bucket saves space for easy storage. Lightweight for long-distance transportation. Ergonomic handle for easy carrying.

  • FREE FROM TOXIC: Our Friendly Foldable bucket is made of heavy-duty industrial grade material with double-stitched, sealed seams. Free from toxins such as BPA and Phthalates - for your safety and the environment.